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Restore Pelvic Power for Women

Restore Pelvic Power for Men & Women

Yin and Yang of Relationships

Heal, Activate, & Strengthen your pelvic floor.

Finding balance in romantic relationships.

Heal, Activate, & Strengthen your pelvic floor.

Sensual Pleasure For Women

Benefits of sex and orgasm on female health.

Phases of the Womb~Pregnancy

Preparing for and tending your pelvic floor through pregnancy for a more comfortable pregnancy and gentler birth. 

Phases of the Womb~Postpartum

How to care for your female body in the first 2 years after giving birth.

Phases Of The Womb~Peri-menopause 

Physical and emotional journey through this life changing transition.

Maidens of the Moon~Teens

Educating teens about the anatomy and physiology of their bodies and helping them cultivate a positive self-image and to develop their sexuality in healthy ways.

Jade Egg Practice & Yoni Steams

Vaginal weight lifting and tonifying steam baths.

~Pelvic Floor & Sexual Anatomy 
Overview of male and female anatomy and physiology and how it contributes to better health, vitality, and sexual pleasure.

~Microcosmic Orbit 
Basic anatomy of pelvic floor, energy centers along the microcosmic orbit, and how activating pelvic floor muscles facilitates the movement of 
energy/chi through this channel. Benefits of the microcosmic orbit practice.

~Yoga Class
Heart-themed class that includes short Om or mantra, pranayama breathwork, asana practice, guided meditation/savasana.  
Styles offered: Vinyasa, Yin,(need props: blankets, bolsters), Restorative Kundalini.
Class style based on level and current needs of the group.

~Qigong (“chee-gong”) Class
Ancient Toaist practice that combines slow graceful movements with mental concentration and breathing to cultivate and circulate a person’s vital life-force energy.
Kelley’s classes incorporate strength and flexibility exercises that are accessible to all levels of practitioners.

~Sound Healing
The benefits of sound rests on the concept of “binaural beats” or “brain entrainment” which hypothesizes the listener to certain frequencies that can synchronize and change one's brainwaves. Sound therapy meditation offers potential therapeutic benefits. Use of Tibetan or crystal singing bowl, Native American buffalo drum, sacred antler rattle, chanting or other sound healing tool.

~Spiritual Ceremonialist
Creating sacred space through ritual/ceremony for opening & closing of events. 
Examples: Calling the directions, prayers/invocations, creating altars, smudging, anointing and blessing with sacred smoke, holy water or oils. 
Drawn from Celtic, Native American, Hawaiian and Hindi traditions.

Chanting/singing in call and response manner. Kelley brings Hindu Yogic chants in Sanskrit as well as heart songs in English. She plays the Harmonium or Shruti box if available on location.

Stories have power. They help us understand the universe, our human condition and the roles we play throughout our lives. Kelley draws heavily from Yogic myths, but also uses stories and myths from other cultures to meet the theme of the event/retreat.
*Kelley often combines Kirtan and storytelling into an evening event. 

~Activate Pineal Gland Meditation 
By Strengthening Pelvic Floor muscles and using the perineum as a pump, a vibration travels up the spine and dural tube to the occiput. The intracranial membrane system transfers the vibration to the center of the head, activating the pineal and pituitary glands.

Individual Classes at Co-facilitated Retreat/Event
1-2 hours each


Restore Pelvic Power for Women

What you will learn

You will receive three hours of training where we delve into the anatomy and energetics of the female body. You will learn techniques that you can use immediately to balance pelvic floor dysfunction and increase sexual confidence and pleasure.

Topics covered

~Anatomy of female sexual and reproductive systems

~What is your pelvic floor and why you should care

~Lifestyle hacks to keep you pelvic core strong and balanced

~Understanding urinary incontinence, prolapse, pain, lack of sex drive or weak orgasms

~What you don’t know about kegels and why you’ve been doing them wrong

~Introduction of the ancient Jade Egg practice

~Qigong exercise to activate and circulate healing sexual energy

~Hypertonic vs. hypotonic pelvic floor muscles

Attend a live Workshop


Throughout life we have all received messages and had experiences related to this part of our body that left us with shame, fear, guilt or confusion. Most of us had our first sexual experiences, either with ourselves or another, shrouded in shame, guilt or some other negative emotion. And there are many other life events related to this part of the body from the time we are babies being potty trained to the experience of puberty and beyond that leave a lasting impression on us. These impressions are held in the physical and energetic field of the body. 

(Can be shortened to a 1 hour introductory overview or broken up into shorter lectures)

Approx: 3-5 Hours

Restore Pelvic Power Workshop for Men  &  Women

Workshop/Lecture for Mixed Audience

Appropriate for Male and Female

~From the moment we were born our relationship with our pelvic bowl and root chakra began when it was announced to the world “It’s a boy!”, or “It’s a girl!” based on what was between our legs. From there our journey continued as our parents, caretakers, and society responded to us based on the orientation of our genitalia.

Those of us on the conscious path to self-discovery and evolution know that we cannot leave any part of ourselves in the shadow. It is possible to clear away any of the limiting beliefs about ourselves held in the pelvic bowl on a physical, emotional and psychological level so that we may reclaim our birthright as sacred sexual beings and tap into unlimited potentials of energy, creativity and healing.

Male Pelvic Floor

Female Pelvic Floor


In this workshop you will learn the anatomy and function of the sexual organs and the structures supporting them. You will come to understand why stagnation is the number one cause of dysfunction in the pelvic bowl, the core of our body. When our first and second chakras are neglected our whole being is impacted.
We will discuss how to remove the blockages and stagnant energy and allow the flow of blood, lymph, nerve impulses and chi to flow freely.

Join this transformational workshop and learn to Restore Your Pelvic Power.

Topics covered: (Length of workshop will determine depth of each subject)

~Anatomy of Pelvic Floor: bones, ligaments, nerves, organs.

~Most common pelvic floor dysfunction in both men and women

~Energetics of Pelvic and Sacral region
~How to release pelvic floor tension and tightness

~Why proper breathing is critical for pelvic floor health

~Hands-on techniques for releasing diaphragm and solar plexus to open channel to pelvic bowl

~Importance of strengthening dynamic pelvic floor muscles for both optimal health and enhanced physical pleasure

~Techniques for strengthening pelvic floor muscles

~Hormonal changes that impact the pelvic floor physiology

~Introduction to Microcosmic orbit and role of pelvic floor

knowledge brings power

 Yin and Yang of Relationships

Finding Balance in Romantic Relationships

~Exploring Erotic Intelligence?

~Why does passion always fade?

~Is it possible to stay “in love” in a long term relationship?

~What role do hormones play in sexual desire?

~How are men and women different in their needs for intimacy?

~Did we evolve to be monogamous?

~What is the future of romantic love in the modern world?

These are the questions we will explore in this provocative workshop based on the works of psychotherapist Ester Perel, anthropologist Helen Fisher and other leaders in the field of love and desire in romantic relationships.

This workshop addresses the challenge of keeping desire and passion alive within the context of secure and loving relationships.

It will be presented in a lecture format with slides. There will be time for open discussion for sharing and exploring personal stories and questions in a safe container. 


“Love enjoys knowing everything about you; desire needs mystery.”
~Ester Perel

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