Take matters into your own hands without pills or gimmicks. Empower yourself by learning how your erections work.  

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 Mastering Erectile Function 


A COMPREHENSIVE online program

Master practices that activate and circulate healing sexual energy and manifest your deepest desires. 

Maintain long and hard erections. Strengthen your core pelvic muscles and gain control of your ejaculations and orgasms. 

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This Program is for Men Who Want to...

 ~Master your erections

~ maintain erections for more pleasurable sex

~Energize your sex life 

~ have stronger orgasms 

~Weekly educational videos

~Learn hands-on techniques

~Live Q+A sessions with Kelley 


What's included

Restore Pelvic Power

Receive comprehensive training where we delve into the anatomy and energetics of the female body. Learn techniques that you can use immediately to balance pelvic floor dysfunction and increase sexual confidence and pleasure.

Topics covered

~Anatomy of female sexual and reproductive systems

~What is your pelvic floor and why you should care

~Lifestyle hacks to keep you pelvic core strong and balanced

~Understanding urinary incontinence, prolapse, pain, lack of sex drive or weak orgasms

~What you don’t know about kegels and why you’ve been doing them wrong

~Learn the of the ancient Jade Egg practice

~Qigong exercise to activate and circulate healing sexual energy

~Hypertonic vs. hypotonic pelvic floor muscles

Registration opening Spring 2021

For Women


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Restore Pelvic Power 




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