Learn your female sexual and reproductive anatomy so that you can care for your body through all stages of life.

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restore pelvic power 


Six-month COMPREHENSIVE online program

Develop a personalized practice that activates and circulates healing sexual energy magnetizing abundance into your life!

Build strong and dynamic pelvic floor muscles that will prevent dysfunction and provide more Sexual Pleasure.

This Program is for Women Who Want to...

 ~Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles

~Heal female reproductive issues

~Prevent leaking

~Experience more pleasurable Sex 


~Have stronger Orgasms 

~Weekly educational videos

~Customized physical practices

~Live Q+A sessions with Kelley 

~Hands-on Pelvic Floor Massage

~Private Facebook group with the support your sisterhood to encourage you on your healing journey


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Luxury retreat

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 her Power team! 





*Limited retreat spaces 

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~Internal and external pelvic floor massage

~Advanced Jade egg practice

~Fresh coconuts straight off the tree

~Sunrise Qigong and Sunset Yoga on the beach

~Star-gazing under the clearest skies in the world

~Private Sexy photoshoot

~Stand-up paddle boarding on calm waters

~Gourmet healthy meals

~Sound therapy sessions

~Deep rest and renewal of your feminine energy

~Connecting with powerful goddess sisterhood

~Luxury accommodations at retreat house with ocean views

Ladies, did you know your uterus could fall out of you body?

Yeah, That's a thing! 

When one or more of the pelvic organs(uterus, bladder, rectum) fall into the vaginal canal

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

~ 50% of women experience pelvic organ prolapse

~ 40-70% of women experience urinary incontinence 

~ There are 300,000 surgeries annually in the US for Pelvic Organ Prolapse

~ 1 out of 3 women suffer muscular damage during childbirth 

Often symptoms are not noticed until it is too late. I will teach you how to prevent and reverse Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

Many exercises women are currently doing are actually making their diastasis worse and weakening there pelvic core. Learn how to Close the Gap!

~100% of women have some level of diastasis of the rectus abdominis in the third trimester. 

~For many women the gap remains widened at 8 weeks, and left untreated, this distance remains unchanged at 1 year postpartum. 

~66% of women with diastasis recti have some level of pelvic floor dysfunction 

~Related to pelvic floor dysfunctions such as incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse

Diastasis Recti

The widening of the gap between the 2 sections of the Rectus Abdominis muscles(or 6 pack). The split occurs at the connective tissue at the midline of the abdomen creating the belly “pooch”.

You were created as a sexual being. The clitoris’ only function is pleasure. Discover what’s keeping you from enjoying the full range of your sexual potential.

~40% of women report have sexual concerns including lack of drive, arousal, orgasm or pain associated with sex

~Having no interest in any type of sexual activity, including masturbation

~Never or seldom having sexual fantasies or thoughts

Lack of sex drive and desire leaves you feeling frustrated. It can make you avoid intimacy, leading to self-esteem issues and stress in your relationships.

Low Libido



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