My own healing journey is what made me so passionate about my work.

We all have a pelvic story. It started when we were born and someone declared, “It’s a girl”, based on our genitalia. And our story continues to this day. Many experiences have shaped our narratives: the response we received when we started our periods, how we were educated (or not) about sex, the messages we received from our culture on femininity, what level of sexual violation we have experienced, issues we’ve struggled with in regards to our female reproductive system and whether or not we were taught how to tend to our core pelvic needs, both physically and emotionally. 

After the birth of my daughter I struggled with a lot of health issues that were rooted in my womb center. My healing journey led me to travel the world to study indigenous medicine as well as the latest in pelvic floor physical therapy. What I discovered were hands-on healing techniques that honor the female body and replenish feminine energy at the deepest level.

It is never too late to benefit from the care and tending of our sacred pelvic bowl. 

I look forward to serving you on your path to optimal health, strength, vitality and restoring your own pelvic power.

With this knowledge, along with my years of training in tantric philosophy, yoga, qigong and priestess ceremonial arts, I have created the 3 Pillars of Restore Pelvic Power  :                      Heal~Active~Strengthen. 

I knew that I wanted to share this wisdom and help other women restore their pelvic floor health. I believe this knowledge should be commonplace for all women, young and old. It is our birthright. 

I now serve my clients through hands-on healings, coaching sessions, educational workshops and transformational retreats.

Like so many in the healing field, I offer this work because of what it has offered me on my own healing journey. 

My passion is to educate as many people as possible how to Restore their Pelvic Power.

By request from parents, I developed a similar workshop for teen girls. 
I have also created a very special program for learning how to activate the pelvic floor to enhance pineal gland activation meditations. Both of which will be available online in 2021, stay tuned!  

In my private practice I work with women and men who struggle with a variety of pelvic floor related issues. I realized that as much as they need the hands-on therapy I provide, what they need most is the education I provide. Many of my clients could have avoided the issues they were suffering and struggling with if they had understood their basic reproductive and sexual anatomy, along with traditional and modern self-care practices.

That was when I became passionate about reaching a larger audience. I have now created many educational programs related to the pelvic floor that support health and personal development. 

I have lectured at Stanford Children’s Hospital.  I am featured in an upcoming docuseries for a program that features the work of women impacting the lives of women and teen girls. I am also a guest teacher for Yoga and Qigong training programs.

Although I began my practice my practice by specializing in women’s health, I soon began receiving requests for my work and education for men. I have now been working hands-on with men for the past 3 years and have developed a program that addresses their specific pelvic floor needs.

More recently I became a student and instructor of Qigong through master teacher, Lee Holden. After years of teaching yoga, that tends to be linear, and therefore more masculine in nature, I felt at home in the graceful, flowing meditation practice of Qigong. 

Activate and circulate sexual energy with the practices of Qigong and yoga, the the philosophy of tantra and the training of pelvic floor strengthening. 

The energetics of the microcosmic orbit, the practice of Qigong and my pelvic floor training form the foundation of the of my pillars of my Restore Pelvic Power™ Programs.

I first discovered the energetic practice of the Microcosmic Orbit at the age of 20 through the work of Mantak Chia. Later I married a Tai Chi practitioner and teacher I met while backpacking in the Himalayas. Together we deepened our practice of this energetic circuit. 

For over a decade I have been leading transformational retreats in Hawai’i. I also co-founded and facilitated FIre of the Goddess™ Retreats, Hawai’i Yoga Escape™, and Wild Women Awakening™ Retreats. 

All my years of training and practice have culminated in my signature retreat, Restore Pelvic Power™ retreats and programs.

Rediscover yourself by joining Kelley at one of her transformational retreats in luxury settings.

Pelvic floor training has supercharged my meditation.

I started my meditation journey with a 10 day silent meditation retreat that excluded even having eye contact with other meditators. For our honeymoon, my husband and I flew to Thailand for another 10 day retreat and we continued to practice together daily for years.

When I found out I was pregnant I immediately booked another 10 day silent retreat. I knew it would be years before I could leave a child for such an extended period of time. In this case I was able to smuggle her in with me ;) In the stillness and quiet of meditation, I was able to connect deeply with the sweet spirit inhabiting my womb. 

Once my daughter was old enough for me to be away, I started taking solo meditation retreats. I found hermitages and cabins in nature in total isolation, places I could go outside and see no lights or hear any sounds of humanity. I now make yearly pilgrimages of a week or more to go within, meditate, commune and renew.

From my decades of training, I've discovered many paths to accessing a meditative state. Currently I am working with a pineal gland meditation as taught by Dr. Joe Dispenza. I have supercharged this practice by applying my pelvic floor training and techniques. 

Although an extended retreat or training is a powerful way to supercharge your meditation practice, it is not always practical or desired. Meditation or mindfulness practices are meant to be a part of our everyday lives, not something we only do occasionally or in special settings.

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