Holistic Pelvic Care™


What is Holistic Pelvic Care™?

Holistic Pelvic Care™ is a technique used to treat pelvic complaints, from pain and incontinence to sexual dysfunction and lack of libido. It restores balance in the pelvis on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. 

 This technique involves gentle intra-vaginal massage with myofascial and trigger point release, as well as breath work and visualization tools to encourage balanced muscular strength, circulation and energy flow in the pelvic bowl

The pelvis goes through many shifts and changes throughout a woman’s life and can be supported by bodywork just like any other area of the body.  HPC works to realign muscle fibers and release constricted fascia in the pelvic bowl, clears congestion and energetic patterns in the pelvis, and invites a dynamic, energetic connection to the pelvic space and feminine organs.

  Pelvic Care is for all Phases of the Womb

Pelvic health care should be part of every woman’s health protocol. Due to societal pressures and the tendency to care for everybody and everything before oneself, many modern-day women feel disconnected from their root creative center. Holistic Pelvic Care™ helps women revitalize and reclaim their vital energy and their physical body.


  • Restore pelvic muscle balance and engagement

  • Support organ health and alignment

  • Improve pelvic sensation

  • Increase libido and orgasmic potential

  • Establish clear energetic boundaries

  • Clear pelvic congestion and support pelvic wellness

  • Prepare your pelvic space for pregnancy

  • Revitalize your pelvic bowl after giving birth

  • Reclaim your body from past trauma

Find relief from many common pelvic symptoms:

  • Pelvic pain and cramping

  • Postpartum complaints and recovery including c-section births, vaginal tearing, and episiotomy

  • Healing after miscarriage, pregnancy loss or abortion

  • Pain from cysts, fibroids and scar tissue

  • Painful periods

  • Pain with sex

  • Organ prolapse (often presenting as a sense of heaviness in your pelvis)

  • Urinary leakage or incontinence

  • Rectocele/cystocele

  • Menopausal complaints


What to expect in a session

During the first session, we’ll briefly discuss your health history and intentions for treatment.  I then introduce you to basic pelvic anatomy with a skeletal model and answer any questions you have.

The hands-on portion takes place on a massage table with external (lower abdominal) and internal (inter-vaginal) physical bodywork. During the session I utilize myofascial release and trigger point techniques, as well as breath work and visualization tools to facilitate core physical and energetic balance.  The physical pressure I apply can range from very gentle touch to deeper tissue manipulation while inviting restricted muscle fibers to release.  Your body is always the guide for treatment, and I work only as deeply as your body allows.

Pregnancy & Post-Partum 

Internal pelvic work is not done during pregnancy, but visualization and breath work techniques of HPC can facilitate a greater connection to your pelvis and invite balance during pregnancy as preparation for childbirth.

The process of healing after childbirth is greatly assisted by HPC, and any imbalances that may have arisen during pregnancy or birth can be addressed early on.  You may receive internal work at 2-6 weeks post-partum, depending on your situation.  If a woman is struggling after a traumatic birth experience, external hands-on work can also be initiated immediately to calm and realign body and spirit.

If you had a cesarean birth, fascial work directly to the cesarean scar can support healing of the tissues and prevent build up of scar tissue, and internal work can address imbalances in the pelvic bowl caused by

prolonged vaginal birth attempt or strong emotions like fear, anger or anxiety experienced during your birth.

During Menstruation

Women are welcome to receive HPC during menstruation.  Receiving HPC while bleeding can actually assist the treatment as the body is able to shed old patterns along with the physical menstrual flow.

Recommended Visits

Your body will be our guide for treatment.  Some women receive treatments for an extended period of time and others for just a few visits.  Three sessions within 1-2 months is recommended to restore basic pelvic balance.  Longer treatment is appropriate when the pace of your body directs us to progress more slowly, and when addressing deep-seated holding patterns or symptoms.

Holistic Pelvic Care™(HPC) was developed by Portland-based, Tami Lynn Kent, women’s health physical therapist and author of Wild Feminine, who sought to offer women more than just physical treatments for their ailments. Kelley is certified in both Level I & II HPC and has assisted Tami Kent in Level I training.

All treatments are strictly non-sexual.  HPC is a set of therapeutic techniques practiced by trained healthcare professionals in a clinical setting to align muscle fibers, open fascial restrictions, and clear congestion in the tissues by encouraging blood and lymphatic flow through the pelvic bowl.