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Kelley Linn CMT, RYT500

Kelley is a Women’s Embodiment Practitioner specializing in female pelvic floor health. She is certified in Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, Holistic Pelvic Care™ and Craniosacral Therapy.  She is an Anusara-Inspired™ Yoga Instructor which emphasizes optimal alignment and is grounded in a Tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness. She has created a yoga practice that supports pelvic floor health. Kelley completed a three-year training as a Priestess of the Sacred Arts at the StarHouse in Boulder, CO. She has spent years facilitating women’s sacred circles and retreats with the intention of cultivating divine feminine essence. She is a co-founder of Wild Women Awakening and leads women’s workshops and retreats in Hawaii and California. She is currently working towards a masters certificate in Evolutionary Astrology with Maurice Fernandez. She occasionally offers her services in Hawaii which was her home for 20 years and where her heart still resides. Kelley’s primary healing practice is in Santa Cruz, California where she lives with her husband and thirteen-year-old daughter.


Pelvic Care is for all Phases of the Womb

Aloha, my name is Kelley and I’m so glad you found your way here. Like so many in the healing field, I offer this work because of what it has offered me on my own healing journey.  I spent years suffering unnecessarily because I didn’t know how to support and nurture the root of my female body.  Once I discovered these incredible techniques, I knew that I wanted to share this wisdom and help other women restore their pelvic floor health. It is never too late to benefit from the care and tending of our female pelvic bowl. I believe this knowledge should be common place for all women, young and old. It is our birthright.  I look forward to serving you on your path to optimal health, harmony and vitality within your sacred center through all Phases of the Womb.

My Story:

One of the catalysts that brought me to this work was the difficult birth of my daughter. She was breech and delivered as an emergency cesarean after many hours of unsuccessful pushing. For a long time after I struggled from the physical stress of pregnancy, labor and major abdominal surgery(aka cesarean birth). I also suffered with postpartum depression brought on partially by my deep grief of not being able to have the natural at-home water-birth I had always dreamed of.

After years of attachment parenting, co-sleeping and breastfeeding I was exhausted and suffering with adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, ovarian cysts, heavy menses and no libido. For the most part I just sucked it up and carried on as most new mothers do.  But the loss of my sex drive was taking it’s toll on my marriage and I was too tired to go through a divorce.  And the longer I forced myself to have sex with my husband to keep the peace, the more I developed an aversion to having sex physically, emotionally and energetically. I wanted my marriage to survive for my family’s sake, and I needed to restore my sexual and reproductive health for my own sake.

Energetically and physically I was cut off from my pelvic floor. I tried every remedy I could find in an attempt to bring back my sex drive and heal the other female related disorders I was suffering from. I sought the supprt of acupuncture, herbs, kundalini yoga, yoni moon bathing, bio-identical hormone therapy and more.  It all helped, but something fundamental and primary was still missing.

Then spirit led me to one of my mentors and teachers, Ixeeya Lin. She was offering a workshop on the care of the womb center and I decided to check it out. That started me on a whole new relationship with my sacred pelvic bowl and sexual organs of reproduction and pleasure. I learned about the ancient healing techniques of Maya massage. As I began to research further I found that most non-western cultures have a tradition of massaging the organs of digestion and reproduction. It’s only in the West where a massage will almost always exclude the abdomen, pelvic and sacral region of the body. I learned the importance of breaking up the scar tissue from my cesarean surgery to release the adhesions that were restricting the flow of blood, chi and physical sensations. With daily self-care massage I began to fully recover my sexual vitality and juiciness as an embodied woman.

I am grateful to have found these profound yet simple ancient tools and wisdom and sad that I did not know about them for years when I could have really benefited from them.  It my passion to share this amazing work with as many women as I can.

In addition to attending massage school in Hawai’i, I began training in Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®.  The Arvigo® techniques were developed by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN. based on her apprenticeship with the Maya healer Don Elijio Panti and her own education, training, and research as a naprapathic physician. I had the great fortune of studying advanced techniques with with Rosita in her home in the Mayan jungle of Belize. This winter I will be returning to Belize to attend “Advanced Pregnancy: Pre-conception through Postpartum” training.

At the beginning of this journey I was also introduced to the groundbreaking work of Tami Lynn Kent, author of Wild Feminine and pioneer of Holistic Pelvic Care™(HPC). HPC includes intra-vaginal techniques that access the pelvic floor muscles directly and helps to realign the pelvis phyically and energetically. Receiving this work helped breakup  cesarean scar tissue that was not accessible externally. The energetic and breath work that is an integral part of Holistic Pelvic Care™ helped me release the sadness and anger I was still carrying from my birth event. Through this work I was able to spiritually and energetically reclaim and ground the power of my womb center.

I completed Holistic Pelvic Care™ for Providers in 2015 with Tami Kent. The following year I assisted her with Level I training and completed Level II: Holistic Pelvic Energy™.

Kelley & Rosita Arvigo, Belize

“This work is so profound and sacred. I offer it with deepest respect and honor of the Divine Feminine presence within each of us.”



If you are ready to book a session with me you can go to appointments and find a time that works best for you.  If you would like a free 15 minute phone consultation to see how these treatments will benefit you, please call or send me an email.

I look forward to serving you!



All treatments are strictly non-sexual.  HPC is a set of therapeutic techniques practiced by trained healthcare professionals in a clinical setting to align muscle fibers, open fascial restrictions, and clear congestion in the tissues by encouraging blood and lymphatic flow through the pelvic bowl.